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I do not know the way they can proof what people are selling are faux or real. I even listed on my listing that i promote for individuals on consignment and have receipts for some of the gadgets i promote. I don't know how long exactly they'll suspend me on prime of what they advised me of 7days. I have emailed them 5times thus far since they sent the email and it has been beneath 72hours. Does anyone know how to be reinstated or the way to get back on ebay with out them detecting it.

I was wondering if anyone is still talking about being suspended on ebay. I just acquired an email from ebay saying that my acocunt has been suspended for 7days because of shill bidding and linked to another suspended person. I admit that i was trying to get some bids in however it was just one time.

I even have one other account which my husband opened and i do use it once in awhile but i also suppose that someone has stolen some info from me too as i obtained a couple of spoof emails already. They had also sent me emails earlier than saying i used to be violating their policy of selling counterfeit items. I suspect there are some sellers who due to competitors stories it to vero.


I got suspended from ebay selling sun shades. They say my sunglasses are faux which is not I just sell them at no reserve beginning on the lowest listing charge attainable and let the client bid on it. Man do ebay sucks, I even have a hundred% feedbacks and have offered for along time. Then they just droop my account saying that I was doing a rip-off.

Or for foreign buyers they'd make a claim that I did not ship it even when I have the customized varieties to prove that I did. My paypal account then got suspended because of that and I can't do business anymore with ebay or paypal. And when they do droop your account and cancel your listings they still ask you to pay for the charges for the cancel listings. That is wrong as a result of by then you cannot access your account to get any of your consumers information.

They work together and once your ebay account is suspended. And you try to open up another ebay account. DO NOT LINK IT UP TO YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT. YOUR MONEY WILL BE FROZEN IN THERE AND YOU WILL NEVER GET TO ACCESS IT. Like most of you guys, my account was suspended. Thier reason, is as a result of they consider that I promote counterfeits.

Or if i am actually only suspended for 7days. Ebay is always on the customer side and never on the sellers aspect at all.

Then all hell broke loose with the consumers after they get the emails from ebay sick of it all t shirts telling them not to pay for my merchandise. And a few of the patrons that paid through paypal went of their account and file a claim after they have obtained the item and say that I ship them an empty box with newspaper in it.